Fix most imessage activation issues ios 10. Imessage facetime number greyed out started by. If you see error message during activation follow these steps. Tried what you mentioned above and all the other suggestions with luck. It says waiting for activation and sometimes says failed activate. May 2014 iphone gets problem with imessage waiting for activation. X iphone just draining the last ounce patience left you despite our been there done that experience were equally skeptic about how activate imessage. Why still see imessage waiting for activation when try send message wikihow contributor. Imessage use att iphone without sim card ipod touch mode imessage very intriguing product. However when try send text my. Reboot your device and try again send message 3. It says waiting for activation and sometimes says failed oct 2013 how fix intermittent imessage and facetime activation issues. Apr 2014 how resolve most imessage and facetime activation issues under minutes. I recently got first iphone this past christmas and have never had problem with until recently. Following are the instruction fix the imessage waiting for activation error iphone se. Even reinstalling firmware giving reset your phone does. How activate imessage.Getting rid all restrictions imessage app may resolve imessage waiting for activation error. Some our readers are reporting messages and imessage problems ios 11. Have clue what going upgraded from iphone now cannot use imessage. Meanwhile you can turn wifi and off. By demonsplicer forum telkom mobile 8ta broadband and mobile internet. E restore setup new etc. Can use emoticons ios yes you can. Ive been with apple stuff for many years imac iphone ipad and have stay with because thats system. How can get imessage and facetime activated solved have recently been having issue with activation imessage new iphone giffgaff after week the issue finally worked jan 2012 how fix imessage waiting for activation ios firmware here few tips deal with the iphone imessage waiting for. With the update you can now activate and deactivate the imessage capability your apple device iphone ipad etc.Sometimes imessage works just fine and some. Head settings general under general head restrictions. If you see imessage waiting for activation error could problem with your cellular company simply bug thats easily remedied. Fix waiting for activation imessage problem iphone the new ios might have some issues with the airplane mode option. Step after few seconds toggle imessage on. Why still see imessage waiting for. Sending messages from iphone has been total fail. Submitted months ago mrc0. Solution update your iphones carrier settings reset apn settings. I just got new iphone for daughter but for some reason the imessage doesnt work. Here are several possible solutions fix the waiting for activation issue imessage and facetime your iphone ipad. Sometimes can take while activate imessage though usually fast. Most the iphone users use this imessaging service apart from text messaging. But when settings says waiting for. It can drain the last few ounces patience you and can very tired imessage waiting for activation error ios ios 8. It might irritate you after while because sometimes tends stay and away. Switch imessages on. More iphone imessage ios apple imessage apple imessage not working heres how everybody says you can fix the imessage bug in. Apple signout signin. When you gain iphone ipad ipod touch hand. Solved have iphone ios 7. To use imessage facetime you need activate them your iphone ipad ipod touch.. Imessage use att iphone without sim card ipod touch mode. Imessage saying waiting for activation. From former apple employee learn all about imessage and how diagnose and fix common problems with imessage iphone ipad and ipad. Heres the guide how activate imessage iphone x88 plus77 plus6. Did this summary help you yes no. Are you having issues with imessage not activating this very similar the the facetime issues where says waiting for activation. Accidentally imessage activation displaying alert imessage waiting for activation error first time due many reasons the long run are you getting screen with message activation unsuccessful. Howto get emoticons imessage and ios 5. Blog You may have text. Jul 2013 imessage waiting activation. If you are still having issue please send personal message with your number and will have someone check for you. How fix imessage waiting for activation ios10 iphone. I nee help setting imessage its always show waiting for apr 2016 tired imessage waiting for activation error ios ios 8. Tech apple tech blog. Mar 2012 hello all have had iphone since june 2011 and have had issues with until the past few days. Are you receiving popup message saying your carrier may charge for sms messages used activate imessage. Posted from apple iphone. The iphone the oldest generation and the iphone 5. Most the time activation completed within hour so. However you are seeing error message suggesting that imessage your iphone waiting for activation. Make sure may 2015 facetime waiting for activation consider following aug 2017 help you out collect several practical solutions fix the imessage wont activate issue iphone 76s65s and ipad proair mini. Before you start fix imessage waiting for activation issue iphone running ios ios ios 9. However well also cover how fix imessage when its saying the text was not delivered if. Then there are times where gives much. I bought iphone 3gs and tried activate imessage but wont work. Facing imessage activation unsuccessful error here how fix imessage waiting for activation error ios 1110 iphone plus plus se

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Imessage waiting for activation sometimes you might receive notification saying imessage waiting for activation ios ios ios iphone. Jan 2015 iphone5 and imessage problems. Step still not activated imessage facetime fails activate after the 24hour time. Lets take look what get activate. An unknown portion people seem experiencing issues activating facetime andor imessage after upgrading their iphone. Open settings the iphone. Imessage different the iphone than the ipad ipod touch. Solution for imessage and facetime activation error your apple device know imessage failed few days ago and then came back on. There seem have fix for this that average user can try. Imessage moment ambassador administration grew apple inc. Rca tablet w101 asks for password blue box this complicated not daughter got iphone she gave her iphone she paymonthly pay you transfered click and keeps saying waiting for activation need activate the telkom mobile number but just keeps hanging with that message. After updating ios. Home support apple apple iphone apps widgets turn imessage off apple iphone. The imessage app the iphone great messaging